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Membrane Hanging and Tension Canvas Systems

We offer you the service of hanging and stretching tarpaulin systems that you need with quality, durable, reliable and first class materials at economical prices.

What are Membrane Hanging and Tension Canvas Systems?

These systems appear as building systems that are formed by using partially or completely the membrane or cables that receive tensile force. Membrane covers, which are a special fabric obtained by weaving glass fibers or polyester, are covered with various silicone materials to be protected against external factors or airtightness is provided with materials such as PTFE and PVC.

Membrane Suspension and Tension Usage Areas

In general, membrane hanging and stretching tarpaulin systems have many different uses. Among these uses:

  • Amphitheaters
  • Shopping mall roofs
  • Festivals
  • Marketplaces
  • In order to cover the show halls
  • In stadiums
  • In parking lots
  • Creating landscaping and shady areas
  • In pool and swimming areas
  • In workplaces
  • In restaurants and cafes
  • In villas and sites
  • Creating terrace shades
  • On basketball, tennis, grass football fields

Advantages of Membrane Hanging Systems

In general, membrane hanging and tensioning tarpaulin systems offer many advantages to their users. We can list these advantages as follows:

Since it is produced from flexible materials, it can be formed in many different forms. Thus, it provides visual richness and a stylish appearance.
Since they are light, the dead load they will transfer to the ground is very low.
It provides light transmittance at the desired rate. Therefore, if desired, the light transmittance can be increased or decreased.
The cover can be easily attached to the carrier at the bottom by stretching.
If desired, the facades can be closed to make the space closed; or if desired, shadow spaces can be created by simply closing the roof.
It offers few vertical bearing elements to allow you to cross large openings.
The lack of transport systems to carry the cover not only reduces the tonnage of the building, but also provides an easy and practical design opportunity with ease of detail.
It is resistant to external factors such as snow, wind and rain.
Since they are offered with steel systems, it is extremely easy to remove the steel system and move it to another place. In this respect, they are extremely practical products.

Membran Asılı ve Gerilimli Kanvas Sistemleri, modern mimaride ve inşaat sektöründe sıklıkla kullanılan yenilikçi bir yapısal sistemdir. Bu sistemler, açık hava etkinlikleri, spor salonları, endüstriyel yapılar, park ve bahçeler, havalimanları, stadyumlar ve daha pek çok yerde kullanılmaktadır.

Membran asılı sistemler, yapıya asılan esnek membranların gerilerek gerilim sağlaması prensibine dayanır. Bu sistem, hafif yapısı ve estetik görünümü nedeniyle tercih edilmektedir.

Gerilimli kanvas sistemleri ise, özel bir gerilimli çerçeve sistemi kullanarak kumaşı gererek gergin bir yüzey oluşturur. Bu sistem, genellikle büyük açıklıkların kapatılmasında kullanılır ve hafifliği ve kolay montajı nedeniyle tercih edilir.

Membrane Suspended and Stretched Canvas Manufacturing

While providing you with the membrane hanging and stretching tarpaulin service that you need and dream of, we provide manufacturing using high quality and durable hanging and tension tarpaulin systems materials. We provide services with state-of-the-art machines and experienced teammates that will ensure that our systems are produced without any problems during the manufacturing processes. Thus, we offer the systems that are hassle-free, perfect and exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can give us information about the membrane hanging and stretching tarpaulins you need. Material and labor costs will be calculated in accordance with the information you provide and a net price will be sent to you by our customer representative. If you want to take advantage of the prices of economical, budget-friendly hanging and tension tarpaulin systems, contact us now!