Steel Construction

The need for these systems in the field of construction is increasing gradually due to the fact that we live in steel construction in the earthquake zone, portability and usability.

Heavy Steel Structure

Our manufacturing service that we offer you is a manufacturing service that allows you to get the products you need without any problems and with exactly the design and features you want.

Ship Interior Hardware Manufacturing

The quality, first class and durability of the steel used in shipbuilding is very important for the ship to sail safely.

Sheet Metal Cutting, Bending and Plasma Cutting

It is the process of cutting metal materials in desired dimensions. This process proceeds with high quality, professional machines and experienced teammates in this field.

Membrane Hanging & Stretching Canvas Systems

These systems appear as building systems that are formed by using partially or completely the membrane or cables that receive tensile force.

Wrought Iron Manufacturing and Assembly

We ensure that the products are manufactured in a quality, stylish and durable manner and we assemble them.

Steel Project and Design

Steel has not only been a material used by engineers and architects, but has also become an indispensable part of our daily life.

Steel Building Reinforcement

Since our country is located in the earthquake zone, it is very important that the buildings are strong and safe. 

Steel Fire Ladders

They are sheltered, steel-made staircases designed for situations where people in a building need to be evacuated quickly and safely.