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Ship Industry Manufacturing (Ship Steel)

We offer you the production of ship steel that you need during the manufacture of ships with first quality materials, the labor of our experienced teammates and the perfect workmanship of our latest technology machines.

Steel Use on Board

During the manufacture of ships, many different materials such as wood and steel are used. Steel is used in the shell system, which is obtained by forming the skeleton of the ship and combining the thin plates on the ship. The bands, sheets and plates used on the ship are standardized.

Production of Ship Steel

In general, the steels made in the interior of the ship should comply with the determined standards. For example, these steels must have high tensile strength and normal tensile strength. Again, the steels used in shipbuilding are divided into many groups such as austenitic stainless steel, manganese, nickel, low alloy steel.

One of the most common issues in shipbuilding is the use of stainless steel during the manufacture of the ship. The use of stainless steel is inevitably used especially in LPG, chemical tankers and LNG ships, and in some food and raw material ships.

Quality and Reliable Wrought Iron Manufacturing

We offer you a quality and reliable service while manufacturing our products. We act carefully and meticulously during the design and production stages of wrought iron, which has the aesthetic and practical use of your dreams. In this way, we deliver wrought irons that are perfect and exactly as we want them.

Materials Used in Shipbuilding

Generally, timber, auxiliary materials, minerals (such as steel and cast iron) and artificial materials are used in shipbuilding. The most important material used in shipbuilding is undoubtedly steel.

So, why is steel used on the ship? There are many reasons for using steel on ships. We can list these reasons as follows:

  • The use of ship steel during the construction of the ship ensures that the ship is strong and protected.
  • It ensures that the ship can move smoothly in the seas and oceans, and that both its crew and the raw material, cargo or goods carried in it are transported.
  • It plays a great role in not damaging the ship in difficult weather conditions and when the sea is very active.
  • It makes the ship more stable and standard structure.
  • Steel materials are materials that do not need to be expected after they are produced and mounted. With this feature, it offers you the opportunity to save time.

We manufacture 1st. Class Ship Steel.

The quality, first class and durability of the steel used in shipbuilding is very important for the ship to sail safely. Our company, which puts human health and life before commercial concerns, never compromises on quality while serving you.

We use quality, 1st class and durable ship steels. In this way, we help your ships to be built without any problems. We provide you with a service that does not compromise on the quality and durability of the materials we produce in accordance with the standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take care to determine our prices as budget-friendly as possible during the ship industry production we offer to you. You can contact us immediately and provide information about the steel structures that you will use on the ship, and you can provide us with a net price according to the size of your ship, the size of the steel to be produced, the type of steel and the workmanship to be used. You can have the chance to obtain high quality, durable and 1st class steels made in ship interior production with its economic and advantages.