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Steel Building Reinforcement

Do you doubt the stability of your building? Do you want a stronger, solid and reliable building? With the steel building reinforcement we offer you, you can reach the sheltered and reliable building of your dreams at economical prices.

Steel Building Reinforcement Process

Buildings weaken over time and become unprotected. Especially old buildings that can be called historical can become dangerous against earthquakes, disasters and weather conditions. Steel buildings are strengthened in order to eliminate this dangerous and unprotected situation and to make the buildings safe again. This is a highly effective and practical retrofit process, especially in important and old buildings.

Areas of Steel Building Reinforcement

We can list the areas where this steel building reinforcement process is used as follows:

  • Historical buildings
  • Former residence, workplace and warehouses
  • Structures in which unprotected and dangerous reinforced concrete structures are used

Why Reinforcement with Steel Construction?

Since our country is located in the earthquake zone, it is very important that the buildings are strong and safe. When we look at the loss of life and property we have experienced in the past, we see that the biggest factor in this is the unsound structures built with cheap materials. For this reason, it is very important for buildings to be earthquake-ready and more robust. In order to achieve this, buildings should be made stronger and safer with steel reinforcement.

Especially when we consider the historical beauties and cultural artifacts in our country, the strengthening process is of great importance in terms of transferring these structures to future generations.

How to Understand that the Structure Needs Strengthening?

Whether a building needs reinforcement or not is sometimes evident when viewed from the outside. However, steel building reinforcement may also be necessary for buildings that do not look dilapidated, old or bad from the outside. If you doubt the soundness of your building, you can contact our building reinforcement company. You can have detailed information about the earthquake resistance of your building and whether the structural parts are weakened or not.

How Long Does it Take to Reinforce a Building with Steel?

Contrary to popular belief, strengthening processes do not take a long time. Our company supplies the steel and supporting structures that you need for the building reinforcement process to fit your building as soon as possible. Then, the strengthening of your building is completed quickly. Of course, you can get clear information by contacting us, as the time will vary depending on which area or areas of the building will be strengthened and which techniques will be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our steel building reinforcement process has no fixed costs, enabling you to create a more reliable space. It is offered to you at prices that vary according to the area that needs improvement and repair, and the material to be used. We carry out the steel building reinforcement process with the quality and 1st class materials we offer to you. In this way, we not only ensure that your building is strengthened at economical prices, but also offer you areas that do not dazzle, that allow the creation of truly sheltered and safe areas. You can contact us to have more detailed information about our prices and to ask any questions you may have about our service.