Main Reasons to Choose Steel Structure for Your Construction Project

Starting a building project requires big decisions, including choosing materials for the structure. A steel structure offers several important benefits that include durability, wind and earthquake resistance, and structural integrity. Steel structure is always economical when a choice is required, so let’s take a look at the other reason to use steel;


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Steel Structure;

  • Make sure your steel fabricator or assembler is certified by the Turkish Standards Institute, which regulates quality, safety and skills.
  • Don’t choose your steel company based on cost alone.
  • Choosing a company that doesn’t compromise on quality or rush things will cost you more in the long run.
  • Look for a company that does both fabrication and assembly in-house to correct and prevent mistakes.

Steel Structure Provides Flexibility and Structural Integrity.

Durability: Your steel structure won’t crack, splinter, rot or warp and takes a consistent shape over time. It does not expand or contract and maintains its structural integrity.

Steel is also a good choice for explosion proof applications commonly used in buildings that require special security or physical protection. A building using a steel frame is also resistant to collapse.

Wind and Earthquake Resistance: Steel structures provide greater strength and ductility compared to other building materials, offering resistance to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel structures also have a consistent load path when designed correctly, and every steel product produced must meet standard quality requirements.

Structural Integrity: A steel structure has the ability to withstand both man-made and natural challenges without interrupting its functions or occupants. Steel is also durable, fireproof and strong. Its homogeneous properties make it consistent and predictable for confidence in design. The ductility of steel enables the redistribution of forces while accommodating displacements caused by natural disasters or a man-made event. Steel adds structural integrity and strength when used with other building materials, such as using it as an anchor point in a concrete structure or wood frame. Steel also has standard connections such as welds, screws and bolts that create reliable connection options. In the event of an unexpected tensile force, the steel provides additional load paths to absorb the pressure.

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