How to Reduce Energy Costs of Steel Buildings?

Steel structure buildings have become the modern choice, and most business owners who build new factories prefer steel structure buildings. Of course, they hope the new structure will increase energy efficiency and save energy costs. Here we will present a few ideas for reducing the energy cost of steel buildings.

Thermal insulation reduces the energy cost of steel buildings.

Various energy saving technologies are used to construct the best building envelope. Maximize the building’s thermal insulation performance and airtightness and minimize the building’s heating and cooling requirements. Choosing suitable thermal insulation materials for your steel structure buildings can provide the effect of warming in the winter and cooling in the summer, which will reduce the pressure on your heating and cooling system and reduce the energy consumption of the building. This is the basic and most important strategy to reduce the energy cost of steel buildings. If the temperature is too high, negative pressure fans, cooling water curtains and super-large ceiling fans can be used to cool the interior of the facility.

Lighting and Ventilation

Various passive building methods such as natural ventilation, natural lighting, solar radiation heat, and cooling systems can be used to minimize or eliminate the use of active mechanical heating, to achieve a comfortable indoor thermal and humid environment and lighting environment as much as possible. You can moderately increase the area and the number of windows and save lighting energy. If you are producing high heat and smoke rich products, it is best to customize ventilation and smoke type skylights to achieve smoke exhaust and heat dissipation.

Roof color saves energy cost of steel buildings.

Most of the heating and cooling losses originate from the roof of the steel building. Roof coverings can help save energy in many ways, depending on the building’s climate. If your climate is colder, the darker coating will absorb more solar heat. If you are in a hot climate, the light colored coating can reflect sunlight, thus saving on cooling costs.

Energy Consumption Assessment

It is necessary to regularly check whether the various support facilities of the plant are at normal operating level. Timely replacement if damaged not only ensures safety, but also reduces energy consumption. For example, whether the doors and windows will be closed normally, whether the fans work abnormally, etc. You can also invite a professional energy assessment team to do an assessment. While it may cost some money, it can cut your energy savings costs by thousands of dollars in the long run.